Media Presence

We keep important events for you to read in our archive.

Media Presence

We keep important events for you to read in our archive.

In the past some interesting articles were written about Sack & Kiesselbach, all articles can be viewed and downloaded as PDF – file.

Mint Industry Communiqué

Feature: The industry suppliers – Sack & Kiesselbach

Edition May 2021

Mint News Quarterly – June 2020

Digitization made easy – remote maintenance and training by Sack & Kiesselbach

Article by Currency Publications Ltd / Dr. Ursula Kampmann – Edition June 2020

Grace wedding commemorative coins

The London Tower Mint produced commemorative sovereigns on the occasion of the Platinum wedding of the British Royal Couple with their brand-new TMP-350 from Sack & Kiesselbach. The designs were made by Raphael Maklouf owner of the Tower Mint and known to the numismatic world as creator of the third portrait of Queen Elizabeth circulating between 1985 and 1997.

>>This link brings you to a film featuring the first strike ceremony.

Mint News Quarterly – September 2017

Fast Forward Technology -The first TMA starts work at the Mint in Poland

Article by Currency Publications Ltd / Fr. Dr. Ursula Kampmann – Edition April 2017

Coins Revue – November 2016

International coin trend journal – Network of passion

Article by Herrn A.-M. Beck – Founder and Honorary President World Money Fair

IHK Magazine November 2016

Brand Niederrhein – machines for European champion medals

The Sack & Kiesselbach Maschinenfabrik GmbH in Meerbusch builds press systems.

The Royal Mint manufactures jewelry, while people become cashless.

Whether the trend really is towards “cashless” is something which many specialist has been arguing about for years.

The Minting Industry itself always discussed this topic! And already after the introduction of the credit card many prognosticated a slow end of the cash money. But even after that, worldwide coin production continued to rise.

Sack & Kiesselbach is not engaged in the production of circulation coins anyway, but serves the market of precious metals, medals and jewellery production with tailor-made and turnkey solutions.

A BBC report currently illustrates a possible trend or change in the market using the example of the Royal Mint in England. Ten TMP presses are currently in operation at the Mint in Llantrisant, helping our customer to compete as one of the world’s leading Mint.

Watch the video

Fast-Forward Technology put to the Endurance Test

S&K Newsletter September 2017 / TMA-350

Gold for Germany!

Sack & Kiesselbach is involved.

Krakow, 31 January: Germany is the European handball champion. We congratulate them and are proud – of ourselves. Because we too played our part in the triumph. The medals for the European handball championship were minted on a Sack & Kiesselbach press. In world champion quality of course.

The renowned Mint of Polen was responsible for manufacturing them. The medals are 88 mm in diameter and weigh 250 g. The basic material consists of brass (tombak) and were plated with 24 carat gold or coated with 999 sterling silver for the different versions.

The Artur Gosiewski design stands for dynamics, team spirit and a challenge. We think that this also applies to Sack & Kiesselbach.

The medals of the Handball-EM 2016 were made on a Sack & Kiesselbach press.

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